Boat Detailing Perth

Perth's Best Boat Cleaning

 Boat Detailing O’Connor provides everything you could ever want from a mobile boat detailing service. We go above and beyond to ensure that every part of your boat gets the polish and attention it deserves, from the hull and stern to stainless steel handrails we cover it all. We even detail cabin interiors and provide marine carpet steam cleaning to really bring your vessel back to life.

Boats are amazing, but they need special care to maintain their look. Waxing them helps protect the boat and keep it looking shiny for a long time in all types of weather- even when salt water is involved! They say that boats require more than just regular car detailing because different materials are used to build them. You can count on us at  Boat Detailing O’Connor, we have been doing this for years so you’re guaranteed an excellent job every single time with our services. You can read all about the 5 benefits of boat detailing in our blog

At Boat Detailing O’Connor we customise the detailing package to suit your needs. From a simple clean up before the next day trip on the river to a full detailing service right before selling your boat. We have a range of options to suit you. Our boat detailing service is also mobile which means we can come to your boat at the pen, storage yard or even if it’s sitting on your trailer at home. We are the team for the job.

Perth's Best Boat Cleaning

Exterior Boat Detailing

Keep your boat looking its very best with a professional polish and wax. From the Stern to the Bow and everything in between. Our boat detailing service will leave your vessel looking like brand new!

Interior Boat Detailing

The interior of your boat is just as important and often an area that gets over looked. Boat Detailing O’Connor offer an in depth detailing package factoring in upholstery and carpets as well. Perfect for Pre -sale or that next big occasion.

Pen & Dry Dock

Your boat doesn’t need to be in a convenient location to be professionally detailed. If your bat is in storage, in a pen or dry docked we can still do our best detailing

Mobile Boat Detailing

Getting ready for that next trip away? Store your boat at home and its gathered a few too many leaves and dust on the back of the trailer? Our service is mobile so we can come to your location in the Perth Metro area.

Stainless Steel Detailing

Your boat gets exposed to all the elements and stainless steel and chrome trim can easily be dulled by salt spray and builds up over months. A professional detail can not only get it looking great again but help repel salt water from sticking to these surfaces.

man riding on white and red boat on sea during daytime
white and blue yacht on sea under blue sky during daytime