Caravan Detailing Perth

Perth Caravan & Motorhome Detailing

Have you recently traveled within W.A? Heading North and came back with infamous red dust all over your caravan or motorhome? At MS Premier Detailing, we use specialised materials to help return your caravan/motorhome to its best condition. With our fully mobile detailing services, we will detail your caravan/ motorhome inside and out, polish and provide paint protection for your vehicle anywhere within the Perth area

Weather Induced Damage

If you don’t protect your caravan, weather-induced weather damage is inevitable. If a caravan isn’t covered, it will get weather damages after being exposed to the environment for around eight months. Hence its important to keep detailing from time to time. The early signs include chalky surfaces and loss of gloss. Such conditions can be fixed by our caravan detailing experts by polishing its surface to look new.

With a more advanced stage of damage, such as when the sun has eaten the surface, we cut and polish to restore its surface and look new. We strive to protect your substantial investment in the best way possible.

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Caravan Cleaning Process

We use specified steps to remove caravan oxidises with this custom approach;

First, we seek to understand the level of oxidation. Then we choose the best method that will efficiently and deeply eliminate oxidation. If the oxidation is severe, we start the process of removing them with all other scratches and holograms.

We are equipped with customised chemicals and professional tools that will deeply remove all the verdigris restoring its previous appearance. We then remove lubricant residue oil from the surface to ensure a durable and successful bonding with caravan paint protection.

Caravan paint protection acts as a protector to ensure your caravan is shielded from becoming chalky and dull. To ensure your caravan/motorhome paint is protected, we use a ceramic coating that makes it easier to clean your caravan and enhances its appearance.

Our ceramic coating guarantees exceptional hardness, durability, and scratch resistance. It also provides excellent UV stability and chemical resistance withstanding thermal shock without losing colour or degrading.


Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection


Interior Protection


Wheel Coating