Ceramic Paint Protection in Perth

Perth's Best Ceramic Paint Protection

We offer the most profound Ceramic paint protection for your vehicle in Perth. Our outstanding water repellency and the paint can last up to 5 years, depending on the aftercare. With our Swissvax ceramic coating paint protection, no need to wax or polish your car – the ceramic coating will provide paint protection, and that just-waxed gloss look for several years.

We only use products that offer the best protective coating between the vehicles’ paintwork and the element. All the contaminants will be blocked out, and the paint will retain its colour to keep the paint clean and smooth. Unlike other paint sealants that require numerous reapplications, Swissvax ceramic paint protection offers the highest standard treatment, with unyielding constant protection for your car finish.

Why is Ceramic Paint Protection Better than Wax or Sealants?


Wax is the most economical and commonly used method to enhance paint protection. Every wax product contains a certain kind’s constituents harvested from palm trees and natural waxes such as carnauba. Wax in itself can’t be applied on its own it has to be blended with specific chemicals and several waxes to make it applicable to the vehicle.
A 100% carnauba wax isn’t applicable to cars. Carnauba is in its pure and law form; hence, any company marketing themselves to be using 100% carnauba is deliberately deceiving you.
Wax gives your car the much-needed shine; however, the shine is not durable. Once the temperatures are at their highest, the entire wax will melt and evaporate. It’s a huge drawback even to the finest quality wax because it can’t stand high temperatures in any summer day. Within few hours, all the wax will be gone. Besides, wax can only last two months on maximum.
Wax adds a deep rich look to your car since it’s derived from plants. However, it’s not durable and can’t provide protection from birds droppings and acid rains.


Sealants last longer than wax since they are chemically engineered. Just as wax, it gives a nice shine and protects the car’s paint. Unlike wax that lasts only two months, paint sealants can last 4 to 6 months on average, making them more durable than wax.
Sealants are made from plastic polymers hence more resilient than wax. It offers enhanced protection from bird droppings, mud, acid rains, chemical detergents, and high temperatures. They are available in two forms pastes and spray. Paste sealants apply effort when applying, hence provides higher levels of protection compared to spray-on counterparts.

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Ceramic Paint Protection

This is the king of paint protection. Ceramic coating provides superior protection when it comes to longevity, durability, and shine to your vehicle. It costs more, but the appealing glossy shine will last longer on the car’s surface.
There is a whole lot of preparation when it comes to applying ceramic coating on your car to ensure it’s ready for the coat.


Ceramic coating easily bonds with substrates on the car; hence, you need to give it a detailed cleaning before coat application. Remove all the dirt, glazes, sealants, and other debris on the car. If any residue is left on the surface, it will act as a barrier between the paintwork and ceramic coating averting proper adhesion and a strong bond.

Clay bar Cleaning

After cleaning the surface, it’s important to clay the surface. The bar clay contains some forms of car shampoos that help wipe out all the contaminants and debris that remains on the car even after washing. The clay gets into the paint’s tiny pores clearing out all the debris. Also, it fills all the pores with clay, creating a flat outer covering. This gives a smooth appearance, which helps the ceramic coating adhere to the car. Claying removes any contaminant washing wasn’t able to remove. If any contaminant is left unchecked, it will wreak havoc on the paint, causing irreversible damage.
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The car needs to be fixed if it has any chips or scratches on the paints. Even if the car is new, it still needs to be polished. It’s essential to correct all the imperfections because ceramic coating locks up those swirls and scratches under the coating, and it’s impossible to remove without abolishing the ceramic coating.


Once the surface is properly cleaned and perfected, it’s important to wipe down any lingering and leftover silicones, waxes, and oil that might still be on the surface before proceeding to the coating process. For the best results, use a clean microfiber towel to prepare the surface for coating. Once the surface is perfectly residue-free and clean, you can now apply the ceramic coating.
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How to apply Ceramic Coating

Here is the list of the right supplies before starting;

Once you have these items, you can begin the ceramic paint application process.

Safety First

Before applying for ceramic protection, ensure the car is in a safer protected place such as a garage to protect it from dust, dirt, and sun. Once you get a shaded place, ensure the surface temperature of the vehicle is between 50 and 70 F. If you washed the car when there was so much heat, you might need to let it “cool down” first.
When applying ceramic paint protection the professional uses respirators to avoid product fumes and protective gloves. Then, dispense the product in small quantities on a micro-suede towel and gently apply it in small strokes on the vehicles’ surface.
The paint ceramic coating on the car is applied horizontally and vertically to ensure an even application and no spots are left out. Once the solution begins to harden and dry on the sponge, throw it away and use a new one. If you don’t change, you might end up with a slovenly application.

Give It Time

Allow the coating to sit for about five minutes on the car. Depending on the solution you use, the waiting time may be longer or shorter; hence ensure you read the recommended time given under the instruction part. Don’t let it sit for too long; the solution might harden and dry before finishing the next step.

Wipe Down

To give a glossy smooth finish, wipe down the coating using a microfiber cloth. This is after you have waited enough time. You don’t have to worry if the solution feels slightly wet. Actually, you risk running the coating if it’s so dry.

Silica Spray Application

Wait for one hour before applying silica spray. Note that you don’t spray it directly on the car. Take microfiber cloth spray on it and wipe it down by hand.
The silica sprays add water-resistant and protective covering over the ceramic coating. It makes the solution appear glossy while still preventing water spots from forming.

Keep The Car Parked

After finishing the application, let the car remain parked for at least one day. It will help the coating get a chance to adhere to the setting and surface.

Give The Coating More Time

Depending on the outdoor humidity and temperature levels, the ceramic coating might take up to three weeks to fully cure. During this time, it doesn’t mean you can’t drive your car. You still can, but you should be careful. Ensure you keep checking the coating and remove any fragments immediately they land on the coating. Don’t wash the car during this particular period until you are sure the process is finished. Also, void leaving the vehicle in the sun or parked outdoor for a longer time.

Ceramic coat application is a tricky job, and you might end up with a messy-looking car if you don’t do it the right way. It’s so involving; thus, it’s advisable to leave it to the professionals.

We give our customers quality services; whether it’s detailing your car or Ceramic paint protection, you will be sure your car is professionally maintained. Using Swissvax premium paint protection, our seasoned professional cleans, restore, protects and preserve any painted surface, glass, and metal, including upholstery, rims, paint, engine, and even wheels. We preserve your car to a “new like” status

There are many benefits of applying Swissvax ceramic coating on your car, including;