Classic Car Detailing Perth

Vintage & Classic Car Detailing Perth

Classic Car Detailing makes the difference! This is a principle applicable to various trades, activities and circumstances, but we believe it’s best expressed when talking of classic car detailing. Our gentleness to the surfaces, use of high-quality products and skilled personnel determined to achieve the highest performance; it’s what describes our professional approach as we strive to enhance the look of your classic car. We almost turn it into artwork.

Most classic car owners don’t use their vintage cars daily. Unlike other cars, the dirt and heavy layer that accumulates might be hefty. Modern-day advances have developed products that best fit your classic cars; hence, we don’t use the same techniques and washing products used on other vehicles.

Premium Classic Car Detailing

Exterior Car Wash

To get the best results, we start at the top to prevent grime from falling into already clean sections. In this first stage, we use the best-suited solution of active shampoo, which has a neutral pH value.

Precision Drying

We use the most absorbent microfibre clothes that dry the car perfectly without leaving any unnecessary traces of water, marks or scratches.

Initial Decontamination

This is the heart of detailing. Some pollutants such as limescale or dust may have stuck on your classic car, and no washing or waxing can remove. To eliminate such residue and achieve a flawless polish, we use detailing clay or clay bar on the bodywork.

Swissvax Protection

In this step, we use high end Swissvax products to protect the polish’s glossy layer by adding a pleasant silky feel. It enhances the brilliance and the shine of the bodywork.