Mining Detailing Perth

Mining Vehicle Detailing Perth

We dedicate ourselves to offering high-standard detailing services for your mining vehicles, with a fast turnaround time without affecting your business productivity. We have many returning customers due to our balanced and detailed approach when detailing mining vehicles. We have expertise in red dust washing, and we highly concentrate on helping vehicles and trucks from dust regions bring their shining back before moving on to other mine sites or to meet quarantine regulations.

Our mining vehicle detailing package provides specialised service suitable for large dozers, motor graders, draglines, large wheel loaders, large mining trucks, rock drills, and rotary drill rigs, wheel tractor scrapers, and underground mining loaders and trucks

Mining Vehicle Cleaning & Quarantine

Our expert team is enriched with intense years of experience working with mining vehicles/trucks and commercial vehicles operating across harsh conditioned remote routes and worksites. They will remove red dust from the mining vehicle surface and ever hard to reach parts, to ensure it looks as good as new and meet quarantine requirements for moving in between mine sites.

We stay up to date with the ever-changing needs of mining companies and similar sectors that rely on the proper functionalities of the fleet to remain productive and safe. We continue to developed industry reputation due to our highly specialised detailing equipment as we keep improving our services in regard to detailing construction and mining fleets.

We provide a full range of detailing service for your commercial and industrial fleets – from cleaning and polishing to applying the hardest and durable ceramic coating. 

yellow and white excavator on rocky mountain during daytime

We also offer professional services that specialise in preparing civil, commercial, and mining vehicles for sale. Besides that, our other specification includes red dust elimination as well as interior panels and seat detailing.

With the large number of civil and mining companies we work for, and the warranty of the excellent quality work we do, be assured that our mining vehicle detailing is the best option for you. We keep updating ourselves on the detailing needs of the mining companies to help us give you the best services. This has enabled us acquires a strong industry reputation around Perth W.A.

From mining trucks to 4WDs, we will restore the worst condition mining vehicle to the best condition ever to make it continue making money for you. We thoroughly eliminate red dust from the interior, underbody, engine bay, and repair rust.

Our procedure

Visit us for truck detailing, we first offer you a free truck assessment. This enables us to assess your truck cosmetically and mechanically and determine whether it needs full detailing or more complex services such as paintwork. Our aim is to see your mining vehicle/truck in good condition hence, free assessment is important to us even in helping us give you a quote. We have a cost-effective package that helps you save money.

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