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Professional detailing of motorbikes takes time. At Mr. Sheen Premier Detailing, we are not in a rush; we take time to achieve flawless and thorough result. We are armed with specialised modern equipment, specified chemicals, and micro-tools required to give your motorbike an impeccable look. To us, nothing is hard to detail, even the unreached and the most complex bends part in the motorbike. Our business is operated by ardent and passionate individuals who are attentive to details who love seeing you smile.

Our business values are; quality, honesty, exceptional reputation, and client happiness, which we adhere to latter.

Motorbike Ceramic Coating

Platinum Package

Keep your car looking amazing all the time with ceramic coating and paint protection offered by Mr Sheen Premier Detailing and High-end Swissvax products.

Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that blends with your car’s paint and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. This helps repel, dirt, dust, water and anything else that may damage the surface of your car. Your car will keep that impressive mirror shine for longer and generally cleaning will be much faster as well.

We offer several different ceramic coating packages for cars, bikes and everything in between


Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection


Interior Protection


Wheel Coating


Our first step is to inspect the bike

We use specialised buffing tools to polish paint to eliminate paint fade and then apply protection.

We clean plastics, rims, and tyres, leaving them gleaming. We also apply liquid wax to eliminate all detailing by-products to enhance sparkling effects on the motorbike.

When detailing your motorbike, we use the same fundamental ideologies as when detailing a vehicle in reference to our safety wash system. Hence, we add a few steps and tweak some things when removing grease from unreachablebike parts. We pay attention and take special care of every external air filter and every other complex componentry.

green and black sports bike
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Motorbike Detailing
Motorbike Detailing 1
Motorbike Detailing 2
Photo by Kipras Zabeliauskas
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Motorbike Detailing
Motorbike Detailing 1
Motorbike Detailing 2
Photo by Kipras Zabeliauskas
Photo by Tim Meyer
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Bike Detailing You Can Trust

We give your bike a thorough check over to get familiar with the different parts before starting the job.

At Mr. Sheen Premier Detailing, we also offer the most comprehensive detailing package for touring bikes, trikes, cruisers, and every other two-wheeled vehicle. Every crevice, crack, and every inch of chrome and leather is protected and cleaned. With our excellent knowledge and specialised tools, our trained detailing technicians will give your motorcycle professional results.

Whether it’s your weekend toy or daily rider, Mr. Sheen Premier Detailing services will restore it to its original showroom shine.

  • Deionized water

    to avert mineral build-up, streaking, and spotting

  • Foaming wash product

    To degrease and cut grime

  • Clay Paint surface

    eliminate particle and minor paint defects caused by industrial fallout such as acid rain, smog, and iron particles

  • Polish

    to eliminate fine scratches, haze, oxidation water stains, and removes water spots. It also restores shine after compounding/buffing.

  • Buffing/compounding

    almost similar to polishing, only that it’s more aggressive. It eliminates swirl marks, fine scratches, and light water spots

  • Sealant

    We use sealant once we are done with polishing to ensure extra long-lasting beauty, extra protection, and extra shine for your motorbike

  • Swissvaxwax

    to produce a liquid attractive appearance on the paint. Applied post-polish to produce more than just a bright appearance

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